Utz® Barbeque Ripples Potato Chips

- **Robust Barbeque Flavor**: Utz® Barbeque Ripples Potato Chips offer a bold and smoky barbeque taste, perfect for lovers of savory snacks.
- **Ripple-Cut Crunch**: The ripple-cut design provides extra texture and crunch in every bite, enhancing the overall snacking experience.
- **Satisfyingly Crunchy**: Kettle-cooked to perfection, these chips deliver a hearty crunch that complements the robust barbeque seasoning.
- **Generous 7.5 oz. Size**: Packaged in a 7.5 oz. bag, ideal for sharing with family and friends at gatherings or enjoying as a flavorful snack at home.
- **Quality Ingredients**: Made with select potatoes and seasoned with Utz's authentic barbeque blend, ensuring each chip is packed with flavor.
- **No Artificial Flavors or Colors**: Utz® Barbeque Ripples Potato Chips are crafted without artificial additives, providing a natural and delicious snacking option.
- **Gluten-Free**: Suitable for those with gluten sensitivities, offering a flavorful snack without gluten-containing ingredients.
- **Resealable Bag**: Features a resealable design to maintain freshness and preserve the crunchiness of the chips between servings.
- **Trusted Brand**: With a legacy of snack-making excellence since 1921, Utz ensures each chip meets high standards of taste, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Enjoy the bold and smoky flavor of Utz® Barbeque Ripples Potato Chips, where the ripple-cut design enhances the crunch and texture, delivering a satisfying snack that captures the essence of classic barbeque flavors.