What is happening?

Recently, it has come to our attention that scammers have been using Utz Quality Foods, LLC’s (“Utz”) and its affiliates’ trademarks and trade names, including the UTZ® and GOOD HEALTH® trademarks, in connection with one or more fraudulent “auto wrap” campaigns. Scammers have been targeting members of the general public via text messages, email or online forms, and/or physical letters representing that they are in fact from Utz or are affiliated with Utz or one of its affiliates and inviting individuals to participate in an automobile advertising wrap campaign whereby Utz or its affiliates will pay the consumer money in exchange for the consumer wrapping his or her car with Utz or affiliate-branded advertising. These programs are unauthorized and neither Utz nor any of its affiliates has sponsored, endorsed, approved, or otherwise authorized these campaigns or the actions of these third party(ies). We caution consumers to be wary of this activity and not to participate in these campaigns.


For additional information, please click "Consumer Notice" below.

Consumer Notice

How does it work?

Scams like this work when scammers send unknowing individuals a message, including via text, email, electronic form, or physical letter (sometimes with a check), requesting such individuals’ future participation in an auto wrap campaign. The scammers send individuals who have indicated a desire to participate in the campaign a check, requesting that the individual cash the check and then forward or wire a portion of the money to an auto wrap technician or company (who doesn’t exist) as payment for the technician to wrap such individual’s car (or bike, etc.). The individual is invited to keep the remainder. After the individual has wired money to the third-party auto technician, the check from the scammer bounces and participants are “out money” and learn that there is no “auto wrap” campaign.

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How can I tell if it’s a scam?

Utz and its affiliates are not currently, and do not foresee ever, offering an automobile wrap campaign such as these. Accordingly, any and all correspondence purportedly from Utz or its affiliates and associated with an “auto wrap” (or similar) campaign should be presumed to be fraudulent. In addition, Utz notes that the materials used by these third party(ies) frequently contain spelling or grammatical errors, do not use Utz’s or its affiliates’ correct legal names, do not use email addresses that direct to Utz-owned domains, and conflate Utz’s and its affiliates’ trademarks with the trademarks owned by third parties. Below, please find links to examples of the fraudulent materials.

Scam Example #1

Scam Example #2

What are we doing?

Upon learning of these activities, Utz has commenced an active investigation and is working with local authorities to cause the cessation of these campaigns. Utz is also placing this notice on its website in an effort to notify its consumers and other potential targets of this activity.

What should I do if I receive an offer?

If you receive a text or letter in the mail with a personal check seeking your participation in the auto wrap campaign, do not respond. If the scammer contacted you via a mobile number, we suggest attempting to block this number using the settings on your mobile device. Furthermore, do not participate nor cash any check received and do not send or forward any payments to any third party. Finally, do not provide any of your personal information to these third parties.

What should I do if I accepted an offer, who do I contact?

If you have already received and participated in one or more of the auto wrap campaigns, we suggest that you work with your local bank and their security services. Additionally, we’d also suggest reporting this to the United States Federal Trade Commission. The FTC is the main agency to report scams, identify theft and more.

To report the auto wrap campaign scam on-line, click:  FTC complaint assistant. Or you can contact the FTC by phone at 1-877-382-4357. FTC Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM, Eastern time. If you’d like to go further, please reach out to your State’s Attorney General’s office. To contact your State attorney general, click:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) also has the Internet Crime Complaint Center IC3 where you may report the auto wrap scam. To do so, follow and click-on filing a complaint.

How can I help others?

If you’d like to help in the investigation, please send scanned copies of any texts, letters or checks related to the auto wrap scam to Utz Customer Care at At your discretion, please redact any personal information. These documents will be compiled and shared with law-enforcement authorities and/or U.S. Government enforcement entities (e.g. Federal Trade Commission) to close this un-authorized campaign.

Whom do I contact for more information?

For more information, please contact Utz Customer Care at or, by phone at 1- 800-367-7629. Utz Customer Care Representatives are available:  Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Eastern Time.



As we obtain more information, we will update this page accordingly.

Last Updated Oct 19, 2020 - 3:37pm