Utz Cheese Curls Cheddar 8.5 oz.

- **Classic Cheddar Flavor**: Utz Cheese Curls in Cheddar flavor offer a deliciously cheesy taste that's loved by snack enthusiasts of all ages.
- **Irresistible Crunch**: Each curl is baked to perfection, ensuring a light and airy texture that enhances the cheesy flavor.
- **Perfect Snack Size**: Available in a convenient packaging size, ideal for enjoying at home, work, school, or on-the-go.
- **Quality Ingredients**: Made with real cheddar cheese and crafted to deliver a savory and satisfying snacking experience.
- **No Artificial Flavors or Colors**: Utz Cheese Curls Cheddar are made without artificial additives, providing a natural and flavorful snacking option.
- **Gluten-Free**: Suitable for individuals with gluten sensitivities, offering a tasty snack without gluten-containing ingredients.
- **Trusted Brand**: With decades of snack-making expertise, Utz ensures each cheese curl meets high standards of taste, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Enjoy the classic cheesy goodness of Utz Cheese Curls Cheddar, where each bite delivers a satisfying crunch and authentic cheddar cheese flavor for a snack that's sure to please.