Utz Mixed Minis Pretzels, Sea Salt

  • Munchable Shapes: From the playful crunch of waffles and rings to the satisfying twists, every shape is a new adventure in snacking joy. 🎪🥨
  • Sprinkle of Sea Salt: A dash of sea salt on each pretzel highlights their naturally delicious flavor, offering a pure, unadulterated snack experience. 🌟🧂
  • Pack a Punch: The 12 oz bag is brimming with enough pretzels to share the joy around or to keep the fun going all for yourself.

Meet the Utz Mixed Minis Sea Salt Pretzels – your new go-to for that classic salty snack with a twist. 🥨 These little circles of happiness are your perfect snacking partner, bringing you the clean, crisp flavor of fresh sea salt on every pretzel. Whether you're into the classic twist, the playful ring, or the hearty waffle shape, there's a pretzel to satisfy every craving.

Crafted with care and seasoned to perfection, each pretzel is a nod to the simple things in life. They're more than just snacks; they're tiny reminders to enjoy the moment. So why not give your taste buds the joy ride they deserve? 😄 And with Utz, you know we're all about quality and that oh-so-satisfying crunch.

So whether you're chilling solo or hanging out with your crew, our Mixed Minis are here to turn snack time into a mini celebration of flavor. 🥳 So grab a bag, kick back, and let's snack the Utz way – with a sprinkle of fun and a whole lot of yum! 🥨🌟