Utz Mixed Minis Pretzels, Garlic Butter

  • Bite-Sized Variety: Enjoy a medley of pretzel shapes with Utz Mixed Minis, featuring waffles, rings, and twists for a textural adventure in every handful. 🥨
  • Garlic Butter Goodness: Each pretzel is infused with the rich, savory flavor of garlic butter, making for an irresistible combination that's perfect for snack time or any time. 🧄🧈
  • Snackable Convenience: These pretzels are ideal for on-the-go snacking, adding a flavorful crunch to your lunch, or sharing with friends during a get-together. 🛍️👫

Get ready to twist your taste buds with the all-new Utz Mixed Minis Garlic Butter Pretzels! 🥨✨ These tiny treasures bring you a burst of buttery bliss, coated with a savory garlic seasoning that will have you reaching for more. 🧄🧈

Crafted with care, our Mixed Minis come in three delightful shapes: the classic twist, charming rings, and the whimsical waffles, ensuring every bite is uniquely satisfying. Whether you're sharing with friends or enjoying a solo snack session, these pretzels are perfect for any occasion. 🎉

Utz Mixed Minis are made to fit into your busy life. Perfect for on-the-go snacking, lunchbox surprises, or as a flavorful companion to your favorite dips. 🌟🛒

Utz knows snacks. It's not just about the crunch; it's about crafting moments of joy and delight with every snack we make. Try our new Mixed Minis and experience the taste of Utz quality, where classic meets gourmet in every bite. 😋👌