Utz Chocolate Fudge Covered Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels 6 oz.

Indulge in the harmonious blend of salty and sweet with Utz Pretzel Bites – a perfect symphony of flavors for snack lovers. These bite-sized treats feature a luscious peanut butter core, meticulously enveloped in a blanket of rich, velvety chocolate fudge. Each pretzel offers a delightful crunch, complemented by the creamy, smooth peanut butter filling that melts in your mouth, creating an irresistible taste sensation.

Crafted with care, these chocolate-dipped delights are conveniently packed in a resealable bag, ensuring every bite stays as fresh as the first. Whether you're sharing at a festive gathering or savoring a personal treat, Utz Pretzel Bites are the go-to snack for moments of pure, indulgent pleasure.

  • 6 - 6 oz. Bags of Utz Chocolate Fudge Covered, Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels