Utz Cheese Balls Cheddar 36.5 oz. Barrel 2 Pack

- **Irresistible Cheddar Flavor**: Enjoy the classic taste of Utz Cheese Balls, crafted with real cheddar cheese for a rich and savory snacking experience.
- **Generous Packaging**: Includes two 36.5 oz. barrels, ensuring an abundant supply of cheese balls for snacking or sharing at gatherings.
- **Crunchy and Creamy**: Each cheese ball offers a satisfying crunch on the outside and a creamy cheddar filling inside, delivering a delightful texture.
- **Resealable Barrels**: Features a resealable lid on each barrel to keep the cheese balls fresh and crunchy between servings.
- **Perfect for All Ages**: Loved by kids and adults alike, Utz Cheese Balls Cheddar are a fun and flavorful snack for parties, movie nights, or everyday enjoyment.
- **No Artificial Flavors or Colors**: Made with simple ingredients and without artificial additives, providing a natural and delicious snack option.
- **Gluten-Free**: Suitable for those with gluten sensitivities, ensuring everyone can indulge in cheesy goodness without gluten-containing ingredients.
- **Convenient Snacking**: Packaged in convenient barrels, these cheese balls are easy to store, serve, and enjoy at home or on the go.
- **Trusted Quality**: Utz has been a trusted name in snacks since 1921, committed to delivering high-quality and flavorful snacks.

Delight in the cheesy goodness of Utz Cheese Balls Cheddar, a beloved snack that combines savory cheddar flavor with a satisfying crunch, perfect for any occasion.