The Crunch That Connects Us All™

Our founders, Bill & Salie Utz, thought snacks should be better.  They thought snacks should be made from clean, simple ingredients, minimally processed to bring out the natural flavor of farm-grown potatoes.  So, they started Utz back in 1921.

Today, we are publicly traded business on the New York Stock Exchange that still holds those same family values, almost 100 years after Bill & Salie made their first batch of potato chips. And while we may have new shiny equipment to slow-cook our chips, we still start with fresh farm-grown potatoes and use clean, simple ingredients.  Our Utz SnackMasters finely craft each small batch.  As a result, our snacks are crunchier, lighter, fresher and simply taste better.  Each day we set out to honor our century of heritage and deliver the world-class innovation & products consumers will love for generations.