Before the days of environmental awards, green movements, and higher energy costs, Tim’s Cascade Snacks was aware of its role on this planet. Since our company’s inception in 1986, we’ve used less, reused more, and recycled—every day. We continue to do so because we believe it is the only way to do business.

We never cut corners when it comes to environmental responsibility. Our company Green Team, established more than 15 years ago, is constantly finding new ways to improve our already efficient production process, including:

  • partnering with local potato growers to minimize transportation and water usage
  • recycling used oil into products such as biodiesel
  • using recyclable products such as cardboard for shipping
  • reusing boxes delivered by our independent operators
  • sending unused potatoes and chips to ranches for livestock feed
  • making fewer trips to the landfill due to recycling efforts
  • consciously using less water through our efficient potato wash system
  • utilizing some of the most energy-efficient equipment available
  • reducing energy use with efficient lighting and natural sunlight

From our fields to your family,
we are dedicated to quality in every way.

We keep it simple at Tim’s, and we always will.