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Can I change something on my order after it has been placed? We would be happy to make any changes as long as your order has not been shipped. If your items have already shipped, you may make corrections to the Ship to address before it’s delivered by contacting us. There would be a $10  service fee to make this change. This fee would be payable at time of request.

When will my order arrive? Please see the Delivery Info section for information to determine when your package will be delivered.

Can I track my package?  You can track packages that shipped FedEx with the tracking number you receive in an email confirmation when your order ships. To track the package, log onto and enter the tracking number.

Can I put any snack inside any tin?  The item numbers indicate the products that are inside the tin and the tin size only (not the tin design).  When ordering, you will want to decide which item number you would like first.  You would finalize your selection by choosing a tin design. The tin designs are automatically uploaded by size. If you do not see your design listed, then it is most likely discontinued or out of stock in that size.

Will freshness be guaranteed?  We use only the freshest products available to fill your order.  We make most of the products here at our facility and pack them just prior to shipment to ensure freshness.  Please see our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

How can I get a free catalog?  Click here to request catalog or contact our Mail Order Department at (888) 744-7889 or and let us know you would like to receive a catalog.

How can I order if I don’t have a credit card?  Contact our Mail Order Department at (888) 744-7889 or to place your order and the customer service representative will give you the amount and the address where to mail a check or money order.  The order will be placed on hold until we receive your payment.

Why are your products not available in my area? Please see our link to our current distribution areas. If you live outside of our distribution area, the best solution is to order online or through our Mail Order Department at (888) 744-7889 or

Is it safe to use my credit card on line?  Please see our security policy  for details.

Do you add any extra handling charges? We follow a standardized pricing model. Cost of our products are the actual retail price whether you would purchase them in a store or online. We add our handling charge (packaging & labor) into the cost of shipping to give you a total Shipping & Handling charge for the item(s) ordered.

How much are my shipping charges, are they correct? We charge exactly what our carriers charge us for shipping, in most cases these are discounted rates. Shipping rates are determined by package quantity, box measurements and destination of each package. We then add our cost for handling which includes cost for the box, labor and in some cases any other packaging that will help ensure the products safe arrival. If you feel your shipping & handling is not being calculated correctly, please feel free to contact our Mail Order Department at (888) 744-7889 or for an exact shipping quote.

When ordering multiple items, will my boxes be combined to save on shipping? We make every attempt to maximize your shipping dollars. This means that we make every attempt to combine items into one shipping box without jeopardizing the safe delivery of the items being shipped.

Why can’t we mix bags between two different item numbers?  Our item numbers are set to include products which are from the same product family or product line. Weights, pricing, shipping protection, and some other factors are involved with why we do not allow mixing between item numbers.

Why can’t I order chocolate products all year long?  We consider our specialty chocolate covered or drizzled items as seasonal products. Since chocolate is subjected to melting in warmer months; we currently only ship chocolate October – April.

Are you able to send free samples? Unfortunately we are not able to offer samples due to the added shipping costs. Contact us and inquire about our 10% Off discount to first time customers. We are so sure you will like the product you receive, that we would be happy to offer you a initial incentive for giving us a try. Use coupon code FT08-09 to receive a First Time order discount. This discount must be requested at time of the initial order. No refunds or credits will be offered after an order has been placed.

Do you have offer any coupons or discounts?  Sending to someone in the military? Use our coupon code AMD2-11 to receive 15% off your product order being sent to an APO or FPO address. Have an opinion?  We'd love to hear your thoughts on our products, new products or flavors that you'd like to see, or whatever else you want to talk with us about. Please email us at

Why don’t you offer the exact sized product that I may have found elsewhere?  The products we offer on our online store are selected because of that item's availability, the mail order packaging available, and whether or not that product is part of an exclusive agreement used for other methods of sales.

Can I cancel my order?   Yes, we would be happy to cancel your order if your order has not already shipped.  You will need to contact our Mail Order Department at (888) 744-7889 or to cancel.   If your order has already shipped we will not be able to cancel it. Please see our return policy.

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