The humble beginning of a proud chip brand

In the 1920s, the Snyder family started cooking kettle chips in their home kitchen on Centennial Avenue in Hanover, Pennsylvania. People loved them! As their reputation grew, chip operations moved to a new brick building at the back of the homestead. In the 1940s, as distribution spread across Pennsylvania, the Snyder family joined with other famers and business owners to open a potato chip factory in Berlin.

Growth brings new products and technology

On February 9, 1947, chip-making operations began with seven employees. Under the next generation of the Snyder family, the following decades brought new product lines - including corn chips, corn curls, and popcorn - as well as machinery that introduced high-speed automation to the production process.

Staying true to our roots as we look forward

The factory looks much different today, but we still make all of our snacks to the same highly delicious standards. Nestled in Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands, we're surrounded by Somerset County Farms. More than 300 of our neighbors work here at the plant. And people lucky enough to drive through the little country town of Berlin are treated to the pleasing aroma of potato chips carried on the breeze.

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